Cricket's Olympic Debut:

Cricket made its Olympic debut in 1900 at the Paris Olympics. The tournament included only one match between Britain and France, making it the sport's shortest-lived Olympic appearance.

The Only Gold Medalist

John Pius Boland, an Irish tennis player, was the only person to win gold in both tennis and cricket at the same Olympics in 1900. A true multi-sport athlete!

An Indian Cricket Icon

The legendary Indian cricketer, Lala Amarnath, was the first-ever batsman to score a century in an Olympic cricket match. His unbeaten 118 against the Netherlands in 1932 remains iconic.

Cricket's Silent Years

After 1900, cricket disappeared from the Olympics. It took over a century for cricket to re-emerge as a demonstration sport in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics.

Return to Glory

In 1998, cricket regained full Olympic recognition as the International Olympic Committee granted it official status. A significant moment for cricket enthusiasts!

A True Cricketing Hero

Sir Don Bradman, one of the greatest cricketers in history, was an integral part of the 1936 Australian Olympic cricket team. His involvement remains a hidden gem in Olympic history.

Cricket's Olympic Return

Cricket is set to make a stunning comeback in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, further emphasizing its status as a game changer.

Global Cricketing Legends

Some of the biggest cricketing names in history have participated in Olympic cricket matches. Names like Sir Vivian Richards and Imran Khan are worth exploring.

The Future of Olympic Cricket

Explore the potential impact of cricket's return on the sport's global growth and Olympic legacy.